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Living on Long Island is already expensive, so there's no reason you should be spending an unnecessary amount energy costs. But why are your utility bills out of control? A home energy assessment investigates the reasons that may be contributing to your high energy bills.

Savings & Comfort with a Home Energy Assessment

A home energy audit is one of the first steps to understanding your home's energy usage, as well its overall health and performance. Using a combination of in-depth tests and additional visual evaluations, we provide homeowners with a list of energy and money saving steps. A home energy assessment helps explain how and why your house is costing you money, then prioritizes the steps you can take to make improvements which will decrease your energy bills and increase your comfort.

Testing Your Home's Energy Efficiency

A typical home energy assessment is comprised of several steps:

  1. A thorough visual inspection of the home's building envelope, or the boundary between the heated/cooled air and the outdoor air.
  2. An insulation check involving thermal imaging using an infrared camera. This pinpoints spots where insulation may have settled, been improperly installed or where it may be missing altogether.
  3. An air leakage test using a blower door to measure the cumulative effect of all the air leaks in the home.
  4. A ventilation check -- healthy houses have appropriate ventilation and all ventilation systems need to be tested to ensure that they conform to safety standards.
  5. All visible gas lines, gas stoves and gas powered water heaters will be examined to guarantee that there are no leaks.
  6. An investigation of your heating and cooling units to determine whether they are performing efficiently and need a cleaning or tune up.
  7. An appliance check to determine whether there is any exceptionally high electricity usage equipment that should be replaced.

Making Your Long Island Home More Energy Efficient & Comfortable

The findings of our home energy assessments involve recommendations that, when implemented, make your home more energy efficient. This helps you save money on energy bills and makes your home more comfortable year-round.

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What Our Customers are Saying

  • I would just like to give a shout out to Ron Bauer and his entire crew. They did a wonderful job making our home more energy efficient. The job was done efficiently and neatly. They removed all unwanted material and cleaned up completely.

  • We called Solar Energy Haus to come and do an efficiency test on our house because we knew we needed to have insulation put in. Ron showed up on the date and time we expected him. He did a full audit and provided a report and explained where the issues were in our house.

  • Our home's entry opens onto the living-dining area with a dramatic cathedral ceiling to the right, and on the left, an open stairway which leads up to the loft over-looking the living room. Our bedrooms open onto the loft. Very pretty...

    Joan B., Coram
  • I chose Solar Energy Haus Inc. because I believed that they would do the job right the first time around. I was interested in paying a little more to have the important things performed correctly rather than paying a little cheaper and have the little, but important facets of the job overlooked...