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More homeowners are beginning to realize how cost-effective and environmentally friendly powering their homes with solar energy can be. The sun's energy is an alternative, renewable energy resource that provides homes here on Long Island with clean power. A solar professional will help you reduce your energy usage first with home efficiency services and install a solar photovoltaic system that will generate enough power to see a return on investment in savings.

What is Solar Energy?

A solar installation harnesses the sun's energy by using photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert sunlight into electricity. A home solar system allows you to power your home using energy from the sun instead of relying on the electric grid, which mainly generates electricity via the burning of fossil fuels.

Alternative Energy for Your Long Island Home

You can power your Long Island home with renewable energy from the sun. Energy Haus offers a variety of solar solutions:

Solar PV Panels

Believe it or not, New York has almost as many sun hours as Florida. Take advantage of the sunshine year-round with a solar PV system for your home. Solar panels becoming more advanced and affordable, especially due to nationwide tax incentives up to 30%. Now is the perfect time to switch. Electricity generated by your solar PV system will power your home, greatly reducing or even potentially eliminating your electricity bill.

Solar Hot Water

Heating your home's hot water is one of your largest energy expenses. By using solar power, you can have hot water at all times. Not only will this increase your comfort, it will also help lower your water heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar Pool Heating

If your home has a pool, you can enjoy swimming for an extended period of time with solar pool heating. Even when used without a cover, a solar pool heater can economically double the number of swimming days throughout the year.

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  • Our home's entry opens onto the living-dining area with a dramatic cathedral ceiling to the right, and on the left, an open stairway which leads up to the loft over-looking the living room. Our bedrooms open onto the loft. Very pretty...

    Joan B., Coram
  • I chose Solar Energy Haus Inc. because I believed that they would do the job right the first time around. I was interested in paying a little more to have the important things performed correctly rather than paying a little cheaper and have the little, but important facets of the job overlooked...

  • I would just like to give a shout out to Ron Bauer and his entire crew. They did a wonderful job making our home more energy efficient. The job was done efficiently and neatly. They removed all unwanted material and cleaned up completely.

  • We called Solar Energy Haus to come and do an efficiency test on our house because we knew we needed to have insulation put in. Ron showed up on the date and time we expected him. He did a full audit and provided a report and explained where the issues were in our house.